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12 days ago

Taziki recipe

I’m using Google Photos to record some of my recipes, starting with Taziki:

4 weeks ago

Chrome Remote Desktop may interfere with mounting USB drives on linux.

Wow, just ran into this and indeed the issue was Chrome Remote Desktop. It also appears to be the source of the problem I was having running balena etcher.

sudo apt autoremove chrome-remote-desktop 
2 months ago

Tweet from Sasha Perigo (@sashaperigo)

When will people ever learn to own their own content?

Sasha Perigo (@sashaperigo) Tweeted:

Instacart Shoppers wrote a Medium post 
explaining what’s happening to them and 
asking for software engineers and other 
employees to speak out against their 
bosses. @GoogleWalkout shared it today. 

Instacart flagged it to Medium, and it’s been TAKEN DOWN!
2 months ago

Quick update on inline-form

I just pushed a quick update to inline-form which makes the code even shorter.

One of the things I’ve realized as I do this project is the wealth of tooling in browsers for handling forms that we’ve left behind by moving to POSTing everything in JSON via JavaScript. For example it turns out the browser’s fetch function understands different body types and will automatically add in the correct Content-Type header based on the body type, so posting Form content can be as simple as:

fetch(formElement.action, {
    method: 'POST',
    body: new FormData(formElement),
2 months ago

AT&T switches customers to more expensive plans without asking them first | Ars Technica

With healthy competition and advancing technology shouldn’t prices be going down?

AT&T switches customers to more expensive plans without asking them first | Ars Technica

5 months ago


Just published v3.0.0 of elements-sk. The bump in major version number is because dialog-sk was removed from the library. Now that the dialog element exists and has a good polyfill it was time to abandon the custom element.

This is my preferred direction in library change direction, i.e. getting smaller over time.

5 months ago

Saving here for future reference: History and effective use of Vim

History and effective use of Vim.

6 months ago

Has anyone ever owned a toaster where the "bagel" button worked? Asking for future archeologists.

6 months ago

Elizabeth Warren is going to be our next president, because she is Lisa Simpson and I subscribe to the Simpson’s Timeline of Reality.

6 months ago

Wait, so did SCOTUS just rollback Baker v Carr in their most recent gerrymandering decision? I.e. will SCOTUS no longer involve itself in any political decisions?

Context More Perfect: The political thicket.

7 months ago

I might need to copy this recipe over.

Shared album - Joe Gregorio (jcgregorio) - Google Photos

7 months ago

SIM swap horror story: I've lost decades of data and Google won't lift a finger | ZDNet

We just went through this with my son on AT&T. They were able to hijack his SIM twice. At the very least switch to just using a security key and never used phone based 2FA, which is what we’ve now done for everyone in the family.

SIM swap horror story: I’ve lost decades of data and Google won’t lift a finger | ZDNet

7 months ago


k3os looks fascinating. I’ve got a lab of over 100 RPis and anything that would make them easier to manage piques my interest.

7 months ago

One final test to Ryan Barrett on Mastodon.

Ryan Barrett: “more testing. hi @real…” - Mastodon for Tech Folks

One final test.

7 months ago

Can we cross over to Fosstodon?

I am also at, so does this reply show up?

It turns out my reading comprehension is weak, I didn’t see “including query parameters”. D’oh.

Also, so is having a valid h-card on the front page, which I now have: and make sure can use it by visiting

7 months ago

MIB: International

MIB: International was a fun movie, and Kumail Nanjiani was the best part of it.

7 months ago

Testing connections to the fediverse from Stream.

Ryan Barrett: “Working on connecting Mastodon with the #IndieWeb…” - Mastodon for Tech Folks. Updated again.

7 months ago


Stream is my latest project, a PWA that supports the Web Share Target API, built in Go and running on Google Cloud Run.

7 months ago

justsaysinmice is my favorite Twitter account

Hyped-up science is a problem. One clever Twitter account is pushing back. - Voxclockmenumore-arrownoyesvox-mark

7 months ago

Adversarial Interoperability: Reviving an Elegant Weapon From a More Civilized Age to Slay Today's Monopolies

“Today, consumers and toolsmiths confront a thicket of laws and rules that stand between them and technological self-determination. To change that, we need to reform the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, , patent law, and other rules and laws. Adversarial interoperability is in the history of every tech giant that rules today, and if it was good enough for them in the past, it’s good enough for the companies that will topple them in the future.”